Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone
Calming the world, one pet at a time.

Of all the things that have ever threatened to break the Internet, one of the most enduring contenders has been the pet-shaming meme. You know, placing a sign next to your beloved dog reading, “Mom put me on a diet, so I ate her shoes.” This humorous expression of despair served as our creative inspiration for bringing a brand’s promise to life.

Helping Consumers Get It

Let’s face it, synthetic pheromones and pet safety cues are a bit esoteric to non-veterinarians or chemists. We balanced consumer-friendly science and expert pet behavior advice with fun storytelling to help consumers understand the scope and diversity of stress-related pet behaviors — and the family of products to help treat them.

73% increase in average session duration

Telling the right story

Pets can bring endless joy to a home, but when they experience stress, they may act out by wreaking havoc in the home. Comfort Zone products relieve stress, reduce bad behaviors, and significantly improve the lives of pet owners. We focused the content experience around the optimistic story sitting beneath the surface: It’s not about stopping the destruction, it’s about re-discovering the love.

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