The promise of the bite-size moment

In the cluttered, anonymous world of cans and jars on a grocery store shelf, one brand stands bright red. Since 2008, we’ve helped Lindsay — the largest table olive producer in the U.S. – surround their product with web, email and social experiences that transform the way consumers think about their olives.

Building a (Mouth-Watering) Brand Experience

A brand’s digital presence has to reflect the promise of the people behind the brand. And anything that reflects on people must be beautiful (AI mandate #304). We help Lindsay communicate to consumers the reason it exists — even as this evolves — because that’s how a brand makes meaningful connections.

187K Club Lindsay members recruited (and counting daily).

More Useful? Check. More Fun? Check.

To elevate the Lindsay olive, we created a wonderland of recipes, guides for entertaining, tips for healthy living, and pure food-fun to make bellies rumble and inspire a passion that helps the brand win at shelf.

This year, we asked them to do more, and they were not only up to the challenge, they took us to levels we did not think possible in a short time frame.

James Thomas
VP of Marketing, Lindsay

Inspiring the Cook. Encouraging the Entertainer.

We help inspire Lindsay consumers beyond the contents of the can so they can create their own special experiences with the brand. These personal experiences — or “Bite-Size Moments” as we’ve dubbed them — are what create authentic connections.

Connecting Food Lovers

We’re all food lovers. Embracing this shared passion, we help Lindsay build real relationships with real people through storytelling campaigns, influencer partnerships, and one-to-one customer conversations across social.

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What We Did

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